About Me

STORY_20151127_235755Hello, my name is James M. Hill. I have always had an interest in training and management. I am currently an ESL teacher at SPOL English Academy in South Korea. I also previously taught at Lee Hye Yeon English Academy. During my time as an ESL teacher, I have taught classes of elementary and middle school students. I have also helped train other teachers and worked with a team to develop new curriculum at one academy.

Due to my interest in training, I have worked in training throughout my employment history. I trained employees at Burger King and later managed training. At Subway, I also trained Employees. I later was promoted to Restaurant Manger and also served as the Techology Coordinator for a group of four stores. During that time, I worked on several projects to make the restaurant run more efficiently.

As a graduate of Kent State, I have a strong commitment to excellence. At the time I attended the university, Kent State was ranked by Times Higher Education, a London-based magazine, as one of the top 200 universities in the world. Upon completion of my program of study, I scored in the top 5% of graduating seniors from participating colleges and universities on the Major Fields Test.

If you have any questions about me or my employment history, do not hesitate to contact me.